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Top 6 factors when choosing a Laptop for your business

Clients often ask us to recommend a laptop for their staff, this could be for a new starter or if the member of staff has an old PC which has broken or as part of a complete kit refresh.

The range of laptops seem to increase daily basis and have recently been constrained by worldwide shipping delays due to the pandemic. 

These are our 6 top factors we consider when choosing a Laptop

  • Screen size – most manufacturers laptop product ranges have screen sizes, from 11” to 17” diagonal.  The larger screen size can allow for a full keyboard with number pad.
  • Weight – a smaller screen will normally decrease the weight of the device making it easier to transport in a laptop bag, handbag, or backpack.
  • Device Connectivity – You may need to connect a screen or a keyboard and mouse or a docking station for office/home use.  Most will have Wi-Fi built-in, but do you need mobile connectivity too?
  • Application Usage – Is the laptop for presentations at clients, editing large documents while on a train or plane or designing a car or building in a CAD application.  The laptop will need enough processing power for the task. 
  • Battery life – if you are planning to use a laptop when away from the office, how long the battery lasts will vary on the usage.  An extended battery will add to the weight of the laptop.
  • Budget – there is always a monetary cost for any product, allowing for the essential extras such as a laptop bag, extended warranty, extra power supply for home and external monitor may need to be factored in. 

These are not an exhaustive list of factors as you may want to consider the brand which you prefer based upon their warranty or design and prestige.  You may want a touch screen, fingerprint login, additional storage or multiple webcams for your live streaming events or high-end graphics card for your gaming sessions after hours. 

As a general recommendation, we will suggest most users will need:

  • 14” or 15.6” screen,
  • Under 2 kg
  • 2 USB Ports, AC Wi-Fi, 1Gb Network port
  • Windows 10 Pro & Microsoft Office 365

And laptops should meet our general hardware specification recommendations.

  • Intel i5 CPU
  • 8GB Ram
  • 256GB SSD Storage. 

See our PC Car analogy which is 6 years old but still helps explain these terms.

By understanding the intended use and considering the top factors above most laptops can last for 3-5 years with only a replacement battery or power supply.

IT 4 Offices have been supplying IT equipment such as laptops to small businesses for over 10 years. Our clients appreciate our expertise in helping them narrow the field of choices to one which will meet their needs. If you would like to discuss the right device for your requirements or you would like a desktop PC call 0333 332 6600 and speak to one of our IT Consultants.