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Benefits of outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing your IT support through Managed Services

Deciding if outsourcing your IT for your business can be a tough choice for some small businesses, here are a few benefits which can help you make the decision


An in-house IT role can be quite an expense, taking into account recruitment time as well as continuous training required.   However, when using a Support Contract with a qualified Managed Service Provider you can still have use of our expertise and experience, but usually at a more reduced rate than implementing your own IT department.  A good supplier will also keep ahead of the field and invest in the latest technology and staff training, so that you don’t have to.

With our tiered SLAs, your business can select the level of service that is right for you, with clear standards of support and predictable costs.


When starting out on a Managed Service contract with IT 4 Offices, you can have a clear idea of what our services are, and we will define our responsibility for your IT set up, taking away that worry from you.  In turn you also benefit from less people management for that role.  This saves you time and money trying to research, develop and implement any IT needs yourselves. Whether it is a new project, or an emergency, we already have the right people in place to advise you and carry out any work required with the minimum of downtime to your business.


As an outsourced IT support supplier, we will always be more to hand than a single employee.  One member of staff employed to cover all your IT needs may get sick, leave at short notice, or need cover during annual leave as well as continuous training and development.  Whereas we have a dedicated team of staff, ensuring that there is always someone to hand.


Using IT 4 Offices as a Managed Service provider ensures that you have access to more than one person , versus using an in-house staff member who is a good all-rounder.  You can rely on our team of people, who see a wide range of challenges, common problems, as well as a vast range of individual client needs.  Compared to a single in-house IT technician who may have quite an isolated role and may not be experienced in issues when they arise.


From IT 4 Offices you can be confident that you will receive independent, best-practice advice and guidance on what is right for your business, taking into account your budget, specific requirements, and any concerns.