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Cyber attack

What to do if you have cyber-attack?

We are always hearing in the news about large companies that have been hacked and the vast amounts of data have been compromised.  How you respond to an attack is critical as knowing will help protect your companies’ systems from further damage or loss, and your clients’ data from being compromised. In this article we […]

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upgrade or replace pc

When should you replace or Upgrade a PC?

We are often asked to recommend a PC for a new starter by our clients but we also regularly review client’s systems to ensure their kit is meeting our recommended minimum requirements.  We will provide advice if the clients devices are performing slowly, or users need more resources to run multiple applications, these can be […]

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Microsoft 364.5

Is Microsoft 365 reliable?

The recent outage with Microsoft 365 has raised a number of questions relating to the reliability of Microsoft 365 and if this is the correct solution for clients. Microsoft 365 has over 345 million paid subscribers and use over 4 million servers in multiple data centres around the world with a reliability of 99.999%.  Having […]

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Confused by IT acronyms

Keeping IT simple

In the world we live in, most of us will try to keep our businesses simple.  Hundreds of Acronyms are used in each industry and IT (an acronym itself for Information Technology) is probably one of the worst offenders. Having worked in IT for over 25 years and speaking with non-technical people or rather people […]