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Benefits of outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing your IT support through Managed Services Deciding if outsourcing your IT for your business can be a tough choice for some small businesses, here are a few benefits which can help you make the decision Cost An in-house IT role can be quite an expense, taking into account recruitment time as well […]

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Your password isn’t enough to protect your identity

Even using a password manager won’t protect your account 100%.  People will still fall for a phishing attack, or a brute force attack.  This is easily done by clicking a fake link provided or downloading unsafe software. It’s also possible that your credentials will be stolen from a service provider.  Sites experiencing data breaches and […]

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How to spot malicious or phishing emails

Published: Wednesday, 29 May 2019 08:27 In any business we find ourselves relying on email for a vast amount of communication, however it is inevitable that as much as we embrace the advantages we become increasingly aware of the downsides.  One of those downsides is the constant increase in spam, phishing, and malicious emails. Unsolicited […]

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Small Business Server versions

Published: Wednesday, 01 June 2016 10:03 Over the past 20 years Microsoft have continually developed their Windows Server range of products and each time the new version is released most have had a “small business” edition.   SBS Version Windows Server version Exchange SQL Server Max users Notes             Backoffice […]

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Good passwords recommendations

We often find users have difficulty remembering passwords and end up using the same password for their pc login and email accounts and every website including important sites such as their bank and credit cards.  As a result we have heard of individuals getting caught out by the “social” hackers tricks, where you sign up for […]

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Working with multiple Screens

Seeing double or Improve your staff productivity without breaking the bank. A number of clients have used multiple screens connected to their pcs over the years and with the cost of large 20in plus monitors falling to under £100 each is it still worth running multiple monitors? The basic principle of running a single screen […]

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PC Car analogy

I often get asked by customer who are trying to understand what they need to know when buying a PC or Laptop, I normally talk them through a simple analagy relating to cars (which most people understand): The PC Car analogy The CPU within a computer is like a cars engine, the faster it runs, […]