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Key factors when setting up a folder structure

When we are setting up new servers for our clients, we will often have to setup file shares and copy existing files from their old systems.  We typically get asked to tidy up folders or recommend a structure for clients to follow.  The structure often depends how the company is structured and how many staff […]

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Is this the network or a cleaner’s cupboard?

We recently took on a new client who needed a little help with their setup.  During a tour of their site, we were shown a cupboard where their server and network cables were routed to.  The cupboard was also being used by their cleaner to store several buckets, a hover and various cleaning chemicals. This […]

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Windows 365 is coming

Soon after Microsoft announced its new Windows 11, Microsoft have announced that they are providing Windows 365 as a cloud service.  This will allow businesses to access a cloud based desktop with Microsoft’s Office 365 (AKA Microsoft 365) and allow users to work effectively with the Microsoft Azure Server platform. Microsoft’s Windows 365 will be […]

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network switch

Network faults: A Disaster Recovery

We recently visited a client who was having major network issues after they had a power cut.  The client had recently upgraded their phone system from ISDN to VOIP and were struggling to access internal or external systems.  The issues were intermittent which caused them several days of pain. The power outage had blown one […]

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CyberUK Online 2021

Small Business Cyber Security – CYBERUK Online 2021

This week the National Cyber Security Centre have been running their CyberUK Online 2021 events on YouTube, if you have missed any of the presentations and discussions visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyAPLAtCSeL1s85YMY8ULnw   The event is promoting best practices in Cyber Security and speakers from key industries sectors and Government discuss how to build a safe Cyber ecosystem […]

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Working from home again? Try Teams

As the pandemic continues to interrupt our lives again, we expect that lock down restrictions will be raised and lowered at the government sees fit.  As businesses need to keep running, you can continue to operate with some staff working remotely and others in the office where possible.  Communication between team members and clients will […]

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Windows 7 Professional

Can I still run Windows 7?

Since Windows 7 reached its end of support by Microsoft on 14th January 2020, we have still seen several systems running Windows 7 so what does this mean? When Microsoft develop software, they release bug fixes, patches and new features which help maintain their software.  These help to protect your data from vulnerabilities which are […]

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bt home hub

Get the best out of your home Wi-fi

As many of us now find ourselves working from home, it is important to make sure you have a fast-reliable internet connection for all those important video calls.  To help we have put together some suggestions on ways you can improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal inside the home. Router Position Is your router […]