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Onboarding & Offboarding Clients

We try to make the onboarding and offloading of clients as simple as possible.  Key information will be required to allow us to add your company to our systems as well as maintain sufficient documentation. If we are taking over support from another IT provider, we will provide a list of questions, such as access […]

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Confused by IT acronyms

Keeping IT simple

In the world we live in, most of us will try to keep our businesses simple.  Hundreds of Acronyms are used in each industry and IT (an acronym itself for Information Technology) is probably one of the worst offenders. Having worked in IT for over 25 years and speaking with non-technical people or rather people […]

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smart IT hands

Smart IT Hands

Remote working in IT has been around for quite some time. The pandemic has required that business where possible can work from home.  Travel restrictions have delayed multiple projects around the world. Although a vast majority of IT tasks can be completed remotely, having a qualified IT technician in your London office when you are […]