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Is Chat AI coming for our jobs?

The use of computers and robotics has taken jobs away in all walks of life, some dangerous or repetitive tasks such as welding in the car industry and mass production of computer components.  In computing, Chat AI systems are being used to save time and with a wider knowledgebase, than even the most experienced developer, […]

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How to spot fake content

With the popularity of AI systems used to create content with ease, there has been a lot of concern relating to fake content including image and videos published on the internet. For just a few Pounds you can subscribe to some Artificial Intelligence based systems that allow even the novice user to produce a document […]

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When should you replace or Upgrade a PC?

We are often asked to recommend a PC for a new starter by our clients but we also regularly review client’s systems to ensure their kit is meeting our recommended minimum requirements.  We will provide advice if the clients devices are performing slowly, or users need more resources to run multiple applications, these can be […]

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Throttling And The “Big Switch-off”

With OpenReach now ‘throttling’ broadband speeds and limiting phone calls as measures designed to gently “nudge” customers to upgrade as the “Big Switch-off” approaches, we look at exactly what’s happening, why, and when.   What Is The Big Switch-off?  The “Big Switchoff” refers to the switch from the old copper phone network to a new ‘Digital Voice’ alternative. Back […]

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Is Microsoft 365 reliable?

The recent outage with Microsoft 365 has raised a number of questions relating to the reliability of Microsoft 365 and if this is the correct solution for clients. Microsoft 365 has over 345 million paid subscribers and use over 4 million servers in multiple data centres around the world with a reliability of 99.999%.  Having […]

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Microsoft 365 consistent Global Prices 2023

Microsoft announce this week that they are adjusting their prices for their Microsoft 365 products (previously known as Office 365) to be consistent with their global pricing. For customers in the UK this will mean licensing prices will increase by 9% from 1st April 2023 (This is not an April fool’s joke) Microsoft Price […]