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Keeping your IT hardware Cool

This month saw the highest temperatures on record in recorded history in the UK. As temperatures were hitting 40°C we were awaiting calls from clients advising that their PCs were shutting down. How do you keep your IT hardware cool? Fortunately at most of our clients sites, their air-conditioned offices were able to maintain the […]

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7 Handy Excel Features

Continuing our series on tips for office, here are some handy tips when using Excel and its features Conditionally Format Looking at a huge amount of data and wondering who has the highest (or lowest) score, what the top five are? Excel’s Conditional Formatting will do everything from put a border around the highlights to […]

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7 Handy Features in Word

Taking time to explore Word’s features can make the program even more useful for you. Below are a few features that you might not know where there and you might start to wonder how you ever worked without them. Break the language barrier Translate words, phrases, or sentences to another language in Word. In your […]

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FAQ: Windows 11 Upgrades

Should you upgrade to Windows 11 from October 5th? Microsoft will be starting the free upgrade to Windows 11 from 5th October 2021, this will be a phased so you will need to meet the new requirements that Microsoft have advised previously (see Windows 11 Launch) Microsoft have learned a lot from the launch of […]

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Windows Server 2022

What versions of Windows Server are supported?

Microsoft currently support the following Windows Server products:  Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2  Windows Server 2016  Windows Server 2019  Windows Server 2022  Microsoft recently announced that Windows 2022 would be generally available from September 2021.  The evaluation version can be downloaded from   When does support for Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012 R2 end?  Mainstream support […]

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Windows 11 Launch

On the 24th June 2021, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows that will provide users with a more graphical experience and is built upon the same foundations that Windows 10 provided.  The product will begin being delivered to eligible device that are running Windows 10 later in 2021.  As some clients will have only […]