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Office 2013 End of support lifecycle – 11th April 2023

Microsoft’s Office 2013, as the name suggest has been around for 10 years.  On April 11th 2023, Microsoft will end support for the Office 2013 suite. Microsoft will no longer provide support or security updates for the product. Microsoft has maintained the support for Office 2013 by providing security updates and ensuring it can […]

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Confused by IT acronyms

Keeping IT simple

In the world we live in, most of us will try to keep our businesses simple.  Hundreds of Acronyms are used in each industry and IT (an acronym itself for Information Technology) is probably one of the worst offenders. Having worked in IT for over 25 years and speaking with non-technical people or rather people […]

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Goodbye Internet Explorer?

Microsoft announced in May 2021 that it would no longer support Internet Explorer from 15 June 2022.  After almost 27 years of Microsoft’s browser will anyone miss it? Most users have had a love-hate relationship and Web developers have had to cope to its mis-behaviour for years. With Windows 10 Microsoft pushed its Edge browser […]

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How to choose the right monitor arm?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your desk layout or want to improve your posture, choosing the right monitor with the right features can break your budget. Most monitors will be supplied with a simple monitor stand attached the monitor.  Some may allow the monitor to be tilted or may have some height adjustable stand […]