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How to choose the right monitor arm?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your desk layout or want to improve your posture, choosing the right monitor with the right features can break your budget. Most monitors will be supplied with a simple monitor stand attached the monitor.  Some may allow the monitor to be tilted or may have some height adjustable stand […]

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choosing a PC monitor

8 Factors when choosing a PC monitor?

These are our top 8 factors when choosing a PC monitor. Usage – What are you going to be viewing on the monitor? Is it for gaming, office, or professional uses?  A gamer for example would typically require a low refresh rate and high resolution, professional who are using Photoshop will use colour calibration to […]

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Microsoft 365

Windows 365 is here!

Microsoft has published its pricing for Windows 365 and you can sign up for a virtual Windows desktop.  A Windows 365 device can be added to your Microsoft 365 subscription. This will allow small businesses to provide users with access to a hosted desktop environment that can be accessed from an office or home or […]

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Windows 365 is coming

Soon after Microsoft announced its new Windows 11, Microsoft have announced that they are providing Windows 365 as a cloud service.  This will allow businesses to access a cloud based desktop with Microsoft’s Office 365 (AKA Microsoft 365) and allow users to work effectively with the Microsoft Azure Server platform. Microsoft’s Windows 365 will be […]

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Windows 11 Launch

On the 24th June 2021, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows that will provide users with a more graphical experience and is built upon the same foundations that Windows 10 provided.  The product will begin being delivered to eligible device that are running Windows 10 later in 2021.  As some clients will have only […]

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Windows versions

Microsoft Windows Lifecycle Policies

Over the years, we have seen several versions of MS DOS (3.2, 4, 5, 6) and Windows 3 (3.0, 3.1, 3.11), Windows 95, ME, 98, Windows NT 3.51, NT4, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (plus all the server software). Users have not always been happy with it, so it is […]

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Smart IT Hands

Remote working in IT has been around for quite some time. The pandemic has required that business where possible can work from home.  Travel restrictions have delayed multiple projects around the world. Although a vast majority of IT tasks can be completed remotely, having a qualified IT technician in your London office when you are […]

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Working from home again? Try Teams

As the pandemic continues to interrupt our lives again, we expect that lock down restrictions will be raised and lowered at the government sees fit.  As businesses need to keep running, you can continue to operate with some staff working remotely and others in the office where possible.  Communication between team members and clients will […]

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Data Storage technologies

Storing data has come a long way and the terminology for the capacities has changed along the way to keep up with the increasing amount we can store.  From Bytes to Megabytes, to Gigabytes to Terabyte, in most small businesses and Petabyte to Yottabytes in international companies or Government data centres. Terminology Bytes Example Megabyte […]