IT support small business Startup

Celebrating 10 years

In April 2009 IT 4 Offices Ltd was formed. Initially we supported a few small businesses, and we have continued to grow from there. Our ethos has not changed from the start, which is to bring reliable, affordable and scalable enterprise level I.T. solutions and support to small & medium sized businesses.

Along the way we have assisted our client’s growth by providing reliable pro-active support. IT systems have changed considerably in the past 10 years with new versions of software such as Windows and Office suite. Hardware is becoming lighter, faster and in most cases more reliable. Internet speeds have improved in most regions, giving more availability of services. we have seen a move to hosted providers such as office 365, as well as a vast increase in cyber security problems.

Wherever the next 10 years takes us, we know we are able to adapt quickly and provide our trusted services for many years to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our staff, clients and friends for their consistent support – it is much appreciated.