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Do you backup Office 365?

Office 365 provides infrastructure resilience with high availability for its systems.  However, data protection remains the customer’s responsibility. 

Office 365 Email provides a deleted item folder within outlook which is emptied by the user or outlooks settings and has the ability to recover some deleted items for up to 30 days after their deleted date.  Office 365 SharePoint has a recycle bin to provide version management and the ability to recover deleted documents. 

Without a third-party backup, sensitive business data such as emails or shared files are not protected from the most common data loss issues. 

 Quick access to a backup of Office 365 data will help you:

  • Stay compliant by avoiding data loss and complying with retention policies.
  • Boost continuity by reducing recovery times.
  • Stop security threats by helping recover from ransomware attacks, user errors and file deletion.

 The data you can protect with a third party back up is:

  • Office 365 exchange online – Emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendar.
  • Office 365 OneDrive for business – Files and folders for OneDrive
  • Office 365 SharePoint online – Site collections, team sites, communication sites and all access permissions settings.

The main areas that you should be looking at to backup and protect are:

  • Accidental deletion issues – User profiles, exchange emails, attachments and files, OneDrive files and SharePoint online content may get routinely or accidentally deleted. Older data may get hard deleted and unrecoverable without a backup.
  •  Retention Policy Issues – Changed or misaligned priorities in Office 365 can result in data being hard deleted. If a hard deletion occurs due to ageing out of the existing retention policy, Microsoft has no ability to recover the deleted data.
  •  Insider security threats – Although Office 365 resources need protection against malicious destruction of data, Office 365 does not protect against this.
  •  External security threats – If Office 365 data is threatened by malware, Microsoft has a limited ability to restore these to their original state. A third-party backup would solve this issue.
  • Legal and compliance issues – Compliance requirements and legal issues can increase the cost of unprotected data loss. g. After a ransomware attack, a business storing EU customers personal data in SharePoint Online may not be able to provide copies of that data upon request, violating GDPR requirements.

 With most company’s reliance on email and hosted shared file systems increasing, we would recommend backing up the data within office 365 daily to ensure that you can recover should the need arise.

Should you need assistance with selecting a suitable backup solution call us on 0333 332 6600.