FAQ Office 365 small business work from home

Do you still need an onsite server?

The basic elements for any successful team continue to be the ability to stay connected, communicate, collaborate on projects and to pull together as a group. Remote working which most businesses have discovered is now the new normal.

Why have a server onsite?

We used to install servers for one or more of the following functions:

  • File/Print server
  • Centralised User Security Login authentication
  • Application / CRM Database
  • Accounting Database

These functions can be moved to cloud based offerings, which provide flexible working (from home) or on the go via mobile internet connection.

As the speed and reliability of the Internet connection has increased the cost of the connection has decreased.  High Speed fibre broadband availability has driven down the cost, reliability has increased as the old copper has been replaced with fibre to cabinet or in some cases fibre to premise. 

Do you still need a server onsite?

For some clients we may still suggest a smaller server onsite which is used for authentication and for some multi-user accounting application (Sage Line 50), but even these can be migrated to a hosted desktop solution which can be safely based in a secure data centre, updated and backed up out of hours without the users being affected.

If your Internet link is too slow or unreliable then storing everything in the cloud will cause more issues that it solves.

Can you store everything in the Cloud?

“The Cloud” and Internet based Technologies have enveloped our lives and during the pandemic a lot of businesses needed to work from home and communicate using technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video meeting.

Microsoft Teams provide much more functionality than initially used by the majority.  It allowed your Team to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, even at the same time.  This functionality means that we are no longer restricted to the need for a box in the office which everyone stores their files on and hopes that someone is updating and backing up.

Is the Cloud reliable?

You still need to backup Microsoft Teams however the reliability that the systems now provide means that previous versions can be accessed in case of an occasional mishap.

Microsoft stores the data in one of several data centres throughout the world.  If you are based in the UK, these will be in London, Cardiff and Ireland.  The servers are structured with resiliency and recoverability built in.  Although we see an occasional service issue over the years, we have used office 365 (now renamed Microsoft 365) our clients have not been without email or access to files for very long and where email in outlook was affected, the web version was not.

Working from Home?

During the pandemic, many business owners have had a majority of their workforce working from home if possible were able to utilise Microsoft Teams & Office 365 email and OneDrive to keep their businesses running.

As a result, more than one of our clients have recently suggested that they are looking at downsizing their office and removing their onsite servers. 

As a Silver Microsoft Partner, we are very well-placed to advise on all aspects of migrating team members and their files and email messages to this secure place.

If we can assist in any way, we are here to support you and your colleagues. We are here to offer support, not only during these challenging times but also, to make sure your business is firmly placed on the front foot for when we come out of this.

Call 0333 332 6600 and speak to one of our IT consultants for any advice and support you need.