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Get the best out of your home Wi-fi

As many of us now find ourselves working from home, it is important to make sure you have a fast-reliable internet connection for all those important video calls. 

To help we have put together some suggestions on ways you can improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal inside the home.

Router Position

Is your router hidden away in a cupboard or lying on the floor? this is not a good place for your router to live, Walls, cupboards, cordless phones, baby monitors and even microwaves can dampen your Wi-Fi signal.  Instead move your router to an open area ideally near the middle of the house away from walls, on a wooden table or desk try to avoid metal surfaces.


If your Router has antennas, make sure they are set vertically. You can position them at various angles, but for the best results for covering larger areas of a house is the vertical position.

The reason for this is because the signal pattern sent out from them is in a donut shape, if you have them laying flat the signal is just going to go into the floor.

Change your Routers Channel or band

Wi-Fi signals are divided into channels. Your router will use a particular channel to communicate with the devices in your home. If you have neighbours living close by who also have Wi-Fi router using the same channel as you are things can quickly get congested.

The answer to the issue is change channel to either 1,6 or 11 this can normally be done through your router settings, if you are unsure how to do this and your router came from your internet provider give them a call and they can help you change this.

Switch off Unused Devices

It’s good practice to only have devices connected to Wi-Fi that need to be, having dozens of devices connected to Wi-Fi will slow it down, if you have devices that can be plugged in via a cable plug them in with a cable. Do you have smart devices connected that you never use? turn them off.

Create a schedule

If more than one person is using your home broadband, either for work, general browsing, homework or gaming. Try to schedule those key meetings between lessons or do your online shopping after work hours.

Check your PC

If the internet on your PC is slow, but all other devices in the same area are working up to speed, there maybe an issue with your Wi-Fi adaptor or it may be a programme always updating in the background slowing your connection down, it may just need a setting adjusted. Get an IT professional to have a look.

Speak with your Service Provider

It could be that your router that was provided by your service provider is getting a bit old, its always worth calling your internet service provider up to enquire if you are eligible for their latest router if you having connection issues.

Extra equipment

Most of the above options won’t cost you any money but may involve a little time & effort. If you have some money to spare you can buy some more equipment to help you.

Wi-Fi Extender

A device called a Wi-Fi Extender does exactly what it suggests. These plug into a spare plug socket in your house in between the router and where you need the signal to be.  There are many makes and models to chose from and can be brought from most computer shops or online.

Powerline Network

Some wi-fi extenders can use your home’s electrical circuits to connect. These often provide a stable link back to your home router. These can be found on Amazon and can improve your network easily.

Mesh Wi-fi

Mesh Wi-fi devices use wireless to create a larger network over the wireless signals and if you have more than one of the Sky-Q boxes in your home you are already using a mesh network. Mesh devices often have a mobile app which helps you place the device so you are getting the best signal.

Install Network Cable

If your house is larger than the home router is designed for or you are trying to connect from your office in your garden, then you may need to consider hard wiring your devices back to your router or installing a more advance wi-fi solution or a physical network cable. Speak with our consultants who can advise you on the best solution.