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Goodbye Internet Explorer?

Microsoft announced in May 2021 that it would no longer support Internet Explorer from 15 June 2022.  After almost 27 years of Microsoft’s browser will anyone miss it? Most users have had a love-hate relationship and Web developers have had to cope to its mis-behaviour for years.

With Windows 10 Microsoft pushed its Edge browser and most of us have used that to load Google Chrome or Firefox instead. 

Has Internet Explorer gone completely?

No.  Microsoft Edge has an Internet Explorer Mode that can be enabled for those sites that are designed to work on the older browser. 

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Mode can be found in Edge if you can enable it.

  • Open Microsoft Edge and click the 3 dots then Settings.
  • Choose Default Browser
  • Then change the Allow Sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer Mode to Allow
  • You will then need to restart your browser for the settings to take effect.
  • Now from from the 3 dot menu you can now see the Reload in Internet Explorer mode.
  • This will also give you some more options for the page – you can click on the IE icon to see them too.

Updates & Security

Like all Microsoft Products, the lifecycle includes patches & security updates that Microsoft have decided they no longer need to support.  If you are using Internet Explorer then we strongly advise that you use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  Microsoft Edge is based upon Chrome so should provide a similar experience. 

If you would like to discuss you businesses IT requirements to ensure your systems are up to date then we can help.  Call our team on 0333 332 6600 or use our contact page.