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Great features in Microsoft Office 365 email

Microsoft’s Office 365 has been around since 2011 and its email is based upon Microsoft Exchange which has some great features compare to POP3 or IMAP email. Exchange Server Email is one of the core products that Microsoft Office 365 provides.  If you have not used Microsoft’s Exchange Email then you may be missing out on some great features. Microsoft 365 business gives you so much more than a 50GB mailbox.

Synchronising devices

One of our favourite features, is the ability to access emails across multiple devices, accessing the same emails on your mobile as your desktop/laptop device or accessing in a web browser.   All of the emails are stored safely on the server and only syncs the last month or year of emails depending upon your selection.  This saves on the amount of local storage and also ensures a backup can be taken centrally. 

outlook offline synchronisation settings

The offline email allows you to work without a connection to the internet, preparing emails while on the move or if your boardband is down.

IMAP email does provide some synchronising capability, however it is generally limited to mail folders and does not allow calendar or contact synchronisation. These are stored locally on the device.

Out of Office replies

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook provide a user-friendly way of being able to set an automatic message that is sent from the server automatically. 

Microsoft Outlook connected to Exchange has built in functions will allows you to enable and disable Out of Office easily.  You can also set the reply via the outlook web access.  Different replies can be set for both internal and external recipients as well as being able to set rules for processing the email flow.

If you have the Microsoft Outlook App on your mobile device this can also be managed while you are away from your desk.

outlook out of office settings

With POP3 or IMAP email, Outlook can be used to send an out of office message however the computer and outlook needs to be left running. 

Some email providers do allow you to set an out of office reply on the servers, however these are sometimes difficult to set up and disable after you return.  

Sharing & Collaboration

Allowing shared access to your full email account or just your calendar is one of the key features of Exchange.  Server permissions can allow a colleague to “send on behalf of” or “send as”, not only ensuring that security is maintained but allows the business to increase efficiency allowing teams to schedule meetings or appointments.

outlook permissions

Schedule Meetings

Exchange email provides a Calendar which can be used to schedule meetings between internal staff, the scheduling assistance allows you to see their calendar and select a date/time which does not conflict.   Microsoft Exchange is able to send calendar invites to internal/external users, recently Microsoft have extended this function to allow users to share their calendar with external recipients so they can book a meeting at a suitable date/time.  

outlook schedule a Teams Meeting

With the development of Microsoft Teams, you can schedule a Teams meeting within Outlook or Teams. Teams also allows you to see your Exchange Calendar.

Once you have scheduled your meeting you’ll get a reminder so you don’t miss out on that important client meeting.

Microsoft Bookings is available to Microsoft 365 Standard license or E3 & E5 subscriptions and allows you to publish a bookings calendar for your company via the web. This can be used to allow clients/suppliers to schedule a meeting, fill seats at your salon or book an engineer visit. Microsoft Bookings will send appointment notifications to members of staff in the organisation as well as the client making the booking.

Global Address list

Manage your customers, suppliers and internal staff.  The contact records go beyond storing email addresses or telephone numbers.  The Global Address list provides a centralised directory of internal staff within your business that have an office 365 account. This can store the contact numbers, job titles, departments, locations.

Outlook global address list

Microsoft can be connected with your linkedin account to improve contact related information such as job roles and responsibilities.  You can also see their related contacts and request a connection.

outlook linkedin

Folder organisation

Exchange provides you with the ability to organise your emails easily.  Creating a folder structure to match your needs.  The default folders can be added to and rules applied to move and manage emails which keeps your inbox clear.

outlook folders

Deleted items & recovery

Emails get deleted for a number of reasons, whether by accident or deliberate act, Exchange has a built in recycle bin for emails which allows you to recover emails. You can also recover deleted items which have been removed from the deleted items folder for 30 days (by default). 

outlook recover deleted items

These are just some of the features that makes Microsoft Office 365 email the best for business use. Even if you have used Exchange email for a while Microsoft are constantly updating and developing more features. Microsoft are currently developing cloud signatures that will synchronise with Outlook and Outlook web access to provide a feature that Outlook users have requested for more than a decade.

If there a features of Microsoft Office 365 which you would like to know more about or if you would like to migrate to office 365 then please contact our team on 0333 332 6600.