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Is Chat AI coming for our jobs?

The use of computers and robotics has taken jobs away in all walks of life, some dangerous or repetitive tasks such as welding in the car industry and mass production of computer components. 

In computing, Chat AI systems are being used to save time and with a wider knowledgebase, than even the most experienced developer, the AI can produce potentially better computer code.    Potentially the Chat AI systems will also provide a fast ability to test the code they have written to ensure it is error free.  Whether or not this is then validated by a human will determine if the computer’s develops smarter computers? If the Chat AI will eventually take all of our jobs is yet to be seen.

AI being used for Cyber protection.

Cyber security professionals can use the AI systems to find weaknesses in systems and use the AI to help block potential attacks.  But there are also potentially cyber criminals, who can also use the same AI systems to use the potential weaknesses or improve their attacks on us.

ChatGPT does have some safeguards in place to stop the average user from typing in “Hack the bank” or “Change my GCSE/A Level results”.   However, you can ask it to write code to aid with some of the processes.  Such as “Write a Python script to try a series of passwords.”  This could then be used to brute force a login password. 

We strongly advise clients to use 2FA authentication on all their banks and systems where possible.

What AI will be able to help with is to reduce or simplify the results from a huge sample of data into useful information.  Such as, showing a repeated attempt from one or more locations into your systems.  Most of us will have seen a film where the hacker is able to access systems quickly, but this can take days, weeks, months or even years of attempts to gain access. 

An AI system used to protect the systems would have up to date knowledge of the latest exploits and how it can protect your systems.  We already use automation to aid our clients with their Cyber Essential’s certification, AI will eventually allow us to integrate the Antivirus, Firewalls to help protect against zero-day exploits.

What improvement will Chat AI bring?

The advantages of the current Chat AI systems bring to our daily lives will be interesting to see.  The initial release of some of the Chat systems were limited to text only and not everyone will read and understand the output. 

An AI system that has access data up to 2021 may not know about recent or current events.  However, if you are writing a thesis on the 1st or 2nd world wars then it would probably provide a wealth of information.   This will potentially make good reference material for articles that a student produces for thesis.  On the downside, it may be difficult for the reader of the thesis to evaluate if the content was the work of the student or by the chat bot.   But is this any different to a student using a spelling or grammar checker in Word? 

Microsoft have advised they will be launching an AI system called Co-pilot, which is based upon OpenAI and will be able to assist with tasks in Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Teams and Outlook.  We hope this is better than the current help system or the old paperclip. 

Before you trust everything, you publish on the internet or send to a client, ensure you have proofread and checked your facts.  We have seen that some product information such as the number of pieces in box of Lego is not correct or that the data is out of date.  If you have ever watched some of the Tesla self-driving in action, these systems are still in development so should always be carefully monitored.    

Does this mean the end of your IT department?

Currently, also we see the use of Chat AI will improve some systems, it will take some time to fully replace the need for your IT department and take all of their jobs.  Over the years we have seen the role of IT change and some companies may have several teams that are working on different parts of the IT infrastructure throughout the business.

We have seen the use of Chat AI being integrated into Search engines and helpdesk systems that will help speed up some of the automatic replies, where the user needs help with a particular function in Word/Excel.  Until a utility robot for the office is developed that can install cabling or help explain in plain English why a PC has crashed, or an update has failed.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your company and have real humans who will help you spot the fake emails, images and videos then please contact us.