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IT Consultancy

Information Technology, or IT for short, is fundamental to all 21st century commercial activity and the right system for your business is something which needs to be individually considered, planned and created, so that you can maximise the benefits and avoid any costly mistakes. Unless you are an expert in the field, it is sensible to get professional guidance to enable you to make the best use of your available budget. 

At IT 4 Offices, our IT consultants have many years experience and in depth knowledge of both computer systems and the business world in general, allowing us to provide our customers with a comprehensive IT consultancy service.

Do you need to replace your PCs? Does your network connection need improvement? How would you cope if you had a system crash?

IT Consultancy Services

  • Making the best use of your money by recommending the right equipment for your particular needs.
  • Analysing the way you work and advising on system enhancements to save you time and cost and to improve efficiency.
  • Advice on the best way to achieve objectives in any new initiatives you may be considering. We can even proactively manage the entire project for you.
  • Recommend and supply software taking into account programmes and systems you are already using or which need replacement, to ensure the best blend of efficiency and economy is achieved.
  • Advice on your web presence and how this can assist and develop your acquisition of new customers and improve sales.
  • Every business is individual and we’ll develop a plan that is right for you rather than an “off the shelf” package.
  • Developing a disaster and business continuity recovery plan.
  • Competitively-priced hardware and software supply.
  • Demonstrating how the right investment in computer systems can clearly show a measured improvement in profits.

We specialise in working with small businesses and you’ll not be surprised to know that, as a Microsoft Partner, we make sure that everyone at IT 4 Offices fully understands our philosophy of service quality and technical excellence.

If it’s time you took a long, hard look at your business’s computer systems and you’d like an objective analysis of the benefits improvements could bring, call us for a preliminary, no obligation discussion. We’d love to show you how we can help.


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Key Parnerships

At IT 4 Offices, we have formed strong relationships with industry recognised businesses to provide our clients with the best systems that they require to run their daily business tasks.

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We are Trusted Advisers

HR Recruitment
HR Recruitment
"We've Used IT 4 Offices for about the last 15 years. They have helped us grow, shrink, move, grow again and above all else online, connected and secure. Always very flexible and reliable. So, if you're looking for a personal service from an IT Business then you don't have to look any further."
Management Consultants
Management Consultants
"The team of 12 at Zircon have been supported by Matt and his team since 2009. The service we get is outstanding, the team are very friendly and are extremely knowledgeable, responsible and supportive. I have even dropped broken technology to be fixed to him at the weekend and he never complains, and no problem is too large or difficult to handle. I particularly appreciate that Matt thinks ahead and warns me of tech updates that I need to think about for my business, and he makes sure we are ready and prepared. Thank you Matt, it has been 11 great years and we will continue recommending you to other small businesses."
Fire Alarm Company
Fire Alarm Company
"Matt and his team are very knowledgeable and very friendly. They are very responsive too."