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Pro-Active IT?

Pro-Active IT from IT 4 Offices allows our clients to concentrate on their business instead of worrying about their IT systems.

We constantly monitor our clients systems in hundreds of checks every day.  These checks include:

  • Network Up/Down
  • Server Up/Down
  • Event Log Errors
  • Disk Space
  • Available Memory
  • CPU Performance
  • Network Alerts
  • Service Status
  • Backup Success/Failures
  • Antivirus/Malware

If an event is triggered a ticket is automatically generated and we are able to investigate and in most cases resolve without having to contact the client.  

Our Monitoring system runs 24/7 and depending upon the level of service will deploy automatic patching of systems or regular clean up log files and temporary data.  

Of course, not everything at the moment is automatic, we also manually check servers and desktops so that our clients systems are kept running smoothly.  

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Business Industries
That We Support

Avoid downtime, monitor, manage security and compliance. Sage Accounting, Payroll, IRIS, Office 365
Construction & Engineering
Construction & Engineering
Rapid support that allows your staff to focus on customer projects. CRM, NICEIC, Clik Service Software
Legal & Finance
Legal & Finance
Maximising Security, Compliance & Up-time Client Management Software, Hosted Desktops, Office 365
Providing reliable, secure IT systems for both teachers and students. Microsoft Educational Licensing, Office 365, Teams
Facilities Management
Facilities Management
Managing systems, consulting and training to ensure they run smoothly. CRM or Clik Service & Microsoft Office 365
Electrical & Plumbing
Electrical & Plumbing
Managing systems for customer service teams and skilled engineers or technicians. NICEIC or Clik Service & Microsoft Office 365
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