IT support

Onboarding & Offboarding Clients

We try to make the onboarding and offloading of clients as simple as possible.  Key information will be required to allow us to add your company to our systems as well as maintain sufficient documentation. If we are taking over support from another IT provider, we will provide a list of questions, such as access […]

cyber security FAQ
Cyber attack

What to do if you have cyber-attack?

We are always hearing in the news about large companies that have been hacked and the vast amounts of data have been compromised.  How you respond to an attack is critical as knowing will help protect your companies’ systems from further damage or loss, and your clients’ data from being compromised. In this article we […]

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Is Chat AI coming for our jobs?

The use of computers and robotics has taken jobs away in all walks of life, some dangerous or repetitive tasks such as welding in the car industry and mass production of computer components.  In computing, Chat AI systems are being used to save time and with a wider knowledgebase, than even the most experienced developer, […]