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office folders

Key factors when setting up a folder structure

When we are setting up new servers for our clients, we will often have to setup file shares and copy existing files from their old systems.  We typically get asked to tidy up folders or recommend a structure for clients to follow.  The structure often depends how the company is structured and how many staff […]

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Xmas Opening Hours

Our team will be working over the Christmas and New year. Christmas Opening Hours December 20th-24th – Normal Hours 8:30am through 6pmDecember 27th – Closed (Bank Holiday – Xmas Day )December 28th – Closed (Bank Holiday – Boxing Day )December 29th through 31st – Email/Voicemail SupportJanuary 3rd – Closed (Bank Holiday – New Year’s Day)January […]

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monitor at eye level height

How to choose the right monitor arm?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your desk layout or want to improve your posture, choosing the right monitor with the right features can break your budget. Most monitors will be supplied with a simple monitor stand attached the monitor.  Some may allow the monitor to be tilted or may have some height adjustable stand […]

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Ultra-wide Monitor

Do I need ultra-wide monitor or dual screens?

Display technology has been improving for some time. As monitors are mostly light flat panels, the size has consistently grown so that average is now 22-24″. I can recall that it would take 2 technicians to lift some 21” CRT screens on to a desk. A larger monitors gives you: more usable area increased resolution […]

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choosing a PC monitor

8 Factors when choosing a PC monitor?

These are our top 8 factors when choosing a PC monitor. Usage – What are you going to be viewing on the monitor? Is it for gaming, office, or professional uses?  A gamer for example would typically require a low refresh rate and high resolution, professional who are using Photoshop will use colour calibration to […]

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Windows 11 logo

FAQ: Windows 11 Upgrades

Should you upgrade to Windows 11 from October 5th? Microsoft will be starting the free upgrade to Windows 11 from 5th October 2021, this will be a phased so you will need to meet the new requirements that Microsoft have advised previously (see Windows 11 Launch) Microsoft have learned a lot from the launch of […]

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Windows Server 2022

What versions of Windows Server are supported?

Microsoft currently support the following Windows Server products:  Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2  Windows Server 2016  Windows Server 2019  Windows Server 2022  Microsoft recently announced that Windows 2022 would be generally available from September 2021.  The evaluation version can be downloaded from https://aka.ms/WS2022Preview   When does support for Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012 R2 end?  Mainstream support […]

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Is this the network or a cleaner’s cupboard?

We recently took on a new client who needed a little help with their setup.  During a tour of their site, we were shown a cupboard where their server and network cables were routed to.  The cupboard was also being used by their cleaner to store several buckets, a hover and various cleaning chemicals. This […]