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Good passwords recommendations

Published: Monday, 25 April 2016 16:00 We often find users have difficulty remembering passwords and end up using the same password for their pc login and email accounts and every website including important sites such as their bank and credit cards.  As a result we have heard of individuals getting caught out by the “social” hackers […]

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HP Vlan and Avaya

Published: Thursday, 17 July 2014 15:07 This week I’ve mainly been working with the wonderfull world of VLANs. When a network grows to a certain size or your running VOIP on your network you may consider separation of the data to improve the network performance. You can do this either by buying separate switches and […]

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Why should I get a server?

Does your team share files and information through email? When you are updating a sales proposal from the road can you get to the latest copy at 2am? Tired of buying personal printers for every employee in the office? Should I go cloud or on-premiss or virtual? If you’ve answered yes to any of these […]

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Working with multiple Screens

Seeing double or Improve your staff productivity without breaking the bank. A number of clients have used multiple screens connected to their pcs over the years and with the cost of large 20in plus monitors falling to under £100 each is it still worth running multiple monitors? The basic principle of running a single screen […]

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PC Car analogy

I often get asked by customer who are trying to understand what they need to know when buying a PC or Laptop, I normally talk them through a simple analagy relating to cars (which most people understand): The PC Car analogy The CPU within a computer is like a cars engine, the faster it runs, […]