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Office 2010 End of support

Many clients have used Microsoft office for years and Office 2010 has been a stable release of the Office 2010 suite since June 2010. Over ten years we have seen many fixes and patches to Microsoft office 2010.

Microsoft’s mainstream support for Office 2010 ended on 13th October 2015 however it has been releasing the patches and maintaining the software to allow Office 365 users (now renamed to Microsoft 365) to connect to their cloud products.

As mid October is fast approaching and Microsoft have announced many new features for their Microsoft 365 products we recommend that clients that are still using Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade to either Microsoft Office 2019 or subscribe to Microsoft 365 which allows them to obtain the current version and are kept up to date.

Microsoft will cease supporting Office 2010 on 13th October 2020 along with Exchange 2010.

You can check if you are on Office 2010 by opening an application such as Word or Excel.

Choose File -> Help

Here you will see the Product Name which is Activated and the Version. Any Version starting with 14.0.xxxx,xxx is Office 2010.

Check Microsoft Office Version help screen

What does end of Support mean for you after 13th October 2020?

Although the program will continue to load and allow you to create, edit and print documents/spreadsheets and presentations, we think that if you are connecting to Microsoft 365 for email, you may not be able to due to security features such as MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) which Microsoft have developed.

Most importantly, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, bug fixes, security fixes for Office 2010 vulnerabilities that are discovered. This may include viruses, spyware and other malware.

You will not be able to receive Office 2010 software updates from Microsoft Update.

You will no longer be able to receive phone or chat support from Microsoft.

If you are still running office 2010, what can you do?

You have a few options if you are still running Office 2010:

  • Risk it? If your PC is not connected to the Internet and you are only using basic functions in Word, Excel then you could risk it. If you are connected to the Internet then we highly recommend you upgrade your office suite.
  • We recommend you upgrade to Microsoft 365, the monthly subscriptions is excellent value, if you purchase a boxed version of office, and wanted to keep up to date, then on average you would be buying a new boxed version every 3 years and only using it on one device. With the Microsoft 365 subscription, you can spread the costs on a monthly basis and install on up to 5 devices. Plus you keep up to date when a new version is released.

If you would like to discuss the options then give our team a call on 0333 332 6600.