IT support

Onboarding & Offboarding Clients

We try to make the onboarding and offloading of clients as simple as possible.  Key information will be required to allow us to add your company to our systems as well as maintain sufficient documentation.

If we are taking over support from another IT provider, we will provide a list of questions, such as access details for the equipment we will be managing. Most IT providers will happily co-operate if they have been given appropriate notice and their invoices paid. Likewise, if transferring away from us, we would require payment of the remaining term contracted of services.

Key information:

Company/Trading name, addresses (sites, trading, billing, and registered address)

Key personnel – Directors, Managers, Accounts, authorized users.  Some users may be allowed to order equipment and services.

Site information – Each location that the business operates from may require services, such as broadband, router & network configuration. Even if users are working from home, providing information about the service providers and equipment used may affect the services that we are able to provide.

Domain name & Website hosting

If you are purchasing a domain name or hosting from us, we will register the domain name with one of our preferred registration companies. If you prefer, you may register the domain name with a provider of your own, however we recommend that the credit card used is maintained at least annually and DNS servers are accessible to our team.

If you use our website hosting, this will be provided by one of our preferred website hosting companies. If you use a web designer who requires their hosting to be used, we recommend that you authorize us to communicate with them so we can help maintain the DNS servers.

Domain name transfers have rules defined by respective authority – ICANN and NOMINET UK are two common authorities we have to comply with.

E-Mail & Microsoft 365

As Microsoft partner we can offer Microsoft 365 services, such as Exchange E-Mail, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) can also be licensed via us.

Microsoft licensing is available on an annual commitment (via Microsoft New Commerce Experience – NCE) or a monthly subscription where a 20% premium is charged for the flexibility.

If a 3rd party (such as an existing IT provider) currently provides your licensing we can arrange to take over or transfer the licensing at a suitable time/date.

We advise all clients that we will manage the Microsoft portal on their behalf and a separate Global Administrator for the company can be provided for disaster recovery. As per least privileged recommendations, Individual users should only be granted the rights they need on a day-to-day basis.

Network Devices & PC/Server Credentials

We will need to access the network devices such as a router, switch or wifi access point. Each device may have its own login details; depending upon the initial setup, these may be on the back of the device or set to default (which is not recommended) or set by the current IT admin. The devices can be reset to factory if the details are not available however this would require the device to be reconfigured and any existing settings would be lost.

For PC/Servers, some users may have administrator roles but it is best practice not to grant administrator roles to end users as they would not require them on a day-to-day basis. A separate admin should always be used to comply with Cyber Essentials. Additionally devices that are encypted using Microsoft’s Bitlocker or another disk encrytion software should have their encryption key stored & documented accordingly.

When we are onboarding a client where the credentials are lost, we can use the reset tools provided by Microsoft & other 3rd parties to access a device and gain administrator access. However, if the device is encypted, a rebuild of the device is likely.


Offboarding is the terminogly we use for when a client leaves or no longer requires our services. Although we have had clients with us for many years, we understand that companies change staff and our services are not always suitable for everyone.

If a client is leaving/offboarding then we would provide appropriate access to their new IT once the termination date has been agreed and any outstanding invoices have been settled.

If you would like to discuss how your current IT systems are setup and if you would like us to support your company then please contact us.