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Email Filtering Case Study

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The Problem

As soon as you give out your email address or comment on the web, you may subscribe to an interesting website or give out your business card to someone. Once you do the amount of unwanted messages aka “spam” you receive in your inbox on a daily basis is growing.

With email being used to trick you into opening a Trojan or link to a website pretending to be from your bank the need to filter these attacks on you and your companies data is of high importance.


As email systems have developed, more and more emails are being sent and its getting harder to spot a legitimate email vs a scam. Any emails that are unsolicited should be considered spam, if you have given your email address to a website then not checked or unchecked their subscription box or terms and conditions correctly, your email  address could be sold to a 3rd party which you have no interest in.

Internet spiders trawl the many websites capturing vital email addresses and so that the privacy and electronic communications (EC directive) regulations 2003 is ignored.

Virus & Trojans

Many users unwittingly have programs installed which scan their pcs for personal data, email addresses and your contacts are prized by their creators and which they sell on or email more of their spam.

Emails which look so real may even have links to the official websites, banks, parcel delivery companies, HM Inland revenue & customs have all been seen again. They link back to websites which look like the real thing or will have a compressed attachment which you may inadvertently open, this may not do anything the first time but it will sit, capturing the information you hold. Identity theft can all start with your email address.

The Solution: EMAIL Filters

No one individual can handle the millions of emails which the internet exchanges on a daily basis. Using a number of methods including:

  • Virus checkers
  • Bayesian filters
  • Regular expression filters
  • Black and white lists

As well as a large database of existing known emails, we are able to filter a large proportion of spam and virus before it reaches you. Filtering and quarantining emails so that you’re crucial time is spent responding to the emails you want to receive.

The spam filter service provides a manageable portal for you whole company, whether you have 1 email address or thousands, the system is easy to use.

Daily Reports

Many filtering systems offer a daily report or send you an email every time an email is blocked. Our configurable service provides an hourly report which lists the messages you have, what has been blocked or quarantined and allows you to release them quickly without having to contact your IT support.


If you have ever subscribed to a company’s email newsletter and after you subscribed wished you never had or wanted only to see one occasionally, our system tag some emails as INFOMAIL, which are legitimate emails but could be filtered out and released at your leisure.

Advanced Options: Archive, Business, Continuity and Encryption

Once you have filtering you may also have the need to archive all emails for reference or compliance, our system provides facilities for emails to be verifiably unmodified and inalterably stored for 1 to 30 years.

We know that any failure or downtime in business communication can be fatal; having a stand-by email system

available that can be accessed worldwide and without your customers recognising any difference can make the difference.

Encryption of emails between companies to protect against unauthorised disclosure or fraud can be built into our solution for a minimal cost.

Managed Appliance or cloud

If you are a small or medium business  using the cloud based management is easy, emails are filtered, quarantined or delivered only using the minimal amount of your bandwidth.

If you have a business with more than 1000 employees then a managed appliance offers the best of both worlds. Guaranteed uptime, detection rates and less than 0.0004 per cent false positives ensure your business has the filtering it requires.

Email Filtering Example

An Essex based accountant with 10 staff was receiving over 250,000 emails per month which was overloading their small business server; consuming both disk space and ADSL bandwidth; and taking up considerable time while staff sifted through emails on a daily basis, with real client emails being missed or deleted accidentally we implemented the cloud based service which had a dramatic effect, reducing their emails to 5000 per month.

The impact on their systems was immediately visible, the server and ADSL bandwidth was running efficiently again, users were not wasting time deleting hundreds of emails which meant that their clients queries and accounts were finished on time. The directors were happy as the annual costs of the service were less than the day’s staffing costs.


January 10, 2020
Cyber Theat
Accountant in Essex

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