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Email Migration

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The Problem

Email is one of the key communication tools used in business, ensuring you have a reliable & accessible email can make the difference between securing your next client or loosing out to a competitor.

Most businesses will start out with a simple email account from their internet provider.  As they grow more staff will need to communicate.

Microsoft Office 365 provides email and communication tools such as Teams to help your team communicate.

Setting up email, managing the users security and migrating current email from one email solution to Office 365 can be complicated.  We use specialist tools to ensure that existing emails are uploaded safely.

Our client

An electrical installation contractor with 20 staff who have emails on their PCs, tablets and mobiles

Reason for change

Their existing server was an ageing Windows SBS 2011 Server with Exchange 2010 Server which was nearing end of support from Microsoft.


We documented the existing Exchange Server to establish the current usage and to confirm which users email would be transferred.  

The audit included:

  • Email User
  • Display name
  • Primary email address 
  • Alias email address
  • Share Permissions
  • Email Groups
  • Forwards

Initial Setup

We setup the Office 365 Email for any users and groups which we need to transfer.  Permissions are applied which match the information gathered from the client audit.

Microsoft initial configuration requires some DNS settings for authorisation which we access using the customers web hosting control panel (additional DNS are updated later) 

Transfer Process

We use a 3rd party software to copy data between the existing server and Microsoft Office 365 Servers.  The time for the transfer depends upon the amount of data and the internet connection available.  We schedule the transfer of data over a weekend or out of office hours so that it does not affect the staff during the day.

Final cut over

Once the bulk of the emails are transferred we adjust the DNS so that any new email flows into the new Office 365 servers.  Then the final email setup on devices (Desktop PCs, Laptops and phones) can be completed.


If any staff need assistance with the new system we offer remote/telephone support or onsite assistance where needed.

If your current email solution is not working for you, Talk to us.


November 11, 2019
IT Migration
Client Type:
Electrical Installation Contractor
Small Business

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