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Smart IT Hands

Remote working in IT has been around for quite some time. The pandemic has required that business where possible can work from home.  Travel restrictions have delayed multiple projects around the world. Although a vast majority of IT tasks can be completed remotely, having a qualified IT technician in your London office when you are not able to fly could cause major project delays.

Over the past 20 years we have provided smart IT hands to multiple companies. Clients who are based in USA or Europe, and who need a tech’ onsite for a day or even a few hours; to assist with the unboxing, mounting, and connecting of devices such as routers, network switches and servers.   Our trusted qualified staff can follow your instructions and communicate with both your local staff and your remote staff to allow your project to be completed on time. 

Most of our clients will ship everything to site we need but don’t worry, if you forget to ship something, then we can also help supply these items.  If you are unsure of the quantity of power or network cables you need or are missing one, we may have it available and we have access to multiple UK suppliers who can provide the hardware or software you need.

Our technicians know what they are doing and over they years have saved clients equipment from going bang. A majority of IT equipment works around the world but its so easy to forget to switch a power supply over to 240v when you have tested it on 110v.  Our technicians will check the devices before switching on. 

If travel delays are causing IT project slippage then give us a call on 0333 333 6600 or +44 203 326 9730 and we can discuss your requirements and be a local resource to keep your project on track.