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Microsoft subscription cancelled

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During the pandemic lots of companies have been struggling to keep their businesses operating and the government furlough schemes have helped in some cases. 

For many of our clients keeping them working from home has been a priority and as they have returned to their workplaces, many have been reviewing their business practices. 

Sadly, not every business has been able to continue trading and this has affected a wide variety of business sectors.    The news has been promoting the mass increase in some IT providers such as Zoom or Microsoft, but surprisingly, we have recently had to help some new clients whose IT companies have had to close or have not responded to calls or email requests. 

One new client recently approached us for help after they were unable to contact their IT company who provided their Office 365 email.  They had received an email from an IT distributor who had cancelled their licenses & services.  Fortunately, we were able to gain access to their Office 365 portal and reconnect their accounts and provide new licensing.  As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can assist with Office 365 services and escalate issues to Microsoft when required.

This week also we helped clients recover a domain name and website hosting accounts so they can continue operating.  We have a network of reliable suppliers whom we have used for many years and are able to ask the key questions to resolve issues quickly.  We regularly review our systems to ensure we can provide the best services to our clients.

Changing IT suppliers

Most companies will use the same IT company or individual for years.  Once you find a good one, you build up a level of trust as you believe they are providing you with the support you need. 

Unless you have a major issue, they cannot resolve or something breaks which you are paying them to maintain, you probably will keep using the IT supplier.

If you are changing IT suppliers then you may have to get used to the new companies (or individuals) way of working, the helpdesk and how quickly they take to answer and resolve your issues. 

When you need support, do they answer your call or if you email do, they reply?  Our helpdesk is staffed by qualified IT professionals, with over 30 years of combined IT experience.  We resolve over 95% of issues remotely and many of these are resolved within the initial remote support session.

Pro-active support

Our pro-active support provides monitoring of your systems which alerts us so we can resolve issues before they become a problem.   The system audits both hardware and software used to ensure that we can maintain the systems effectively.  Alerting us to issues such as low disk space or if you need an upgrade to avoid a security threat.

If we need to order an upgrade for your computer, we will have the model & serial number or the version of software you are running, this saves both our time and yours when we need to upgrade the device.  The serial number can be provided in case of theft or the list can help calculate your next insurance valuation.

Our staff aim to provide an excellent service and many clients have advised that previous IT companies have not taken the time to explain if or how they could resolve the issue themselves.  If your IT company is not providing a reliable service, speak to our consultants about our IT support packages.