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What are the costs involved in a website?

A business Website can be a great marketing tool for a business, where you present your goods or services for sale or share information about your business in order to help attract customers.

The costs involved in a website will vary depending upon the size and the number of visitors you realistically expect to attract and what goods and services you offer.

Typically there are a number of costs involved, some are one-off, monthly and annual. Each can be with the same vendor or multiple vendors.

Domain name – The Domain name is the website address (i.e. www.it4offices.co.uk) and it could be the company name, or a single word or a few words relating to the market the site attracts. The Domain name is controlled through a domain name registrar and is an annual cost.

Each country will generally have its own top level domain name and the rules relating to its registration, renewal and transfer may vary:

UK domains are controlled through nominet.org.uk, however they can be purchased through a wide range of companies who offer a domain name search facility and discount the initial registration. You can register a domain name for a single year or for up to 10 years.

.COM domains are generally USA based and may cost a little more.

The domain registrar will control the information relating to its owner and the domain name servers addresses.

DNS – The Domain Name System, is a way in which the addresses for different DNS services are listed and the company uses. This is a similar to using a telephone directory to locate the number for someone.

Each domain name has a minimum of 2 DNS servers registered and these provide the directory services for the Domain you search for.

The DNS Services may be provided a hosting company or the domain name vendor or separately depending upon the number of requests you expect and the resilience required.

Web Hosting – this is a cost for having a website online 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This cost will vary upon the server usage, how many visitors you expect and services it includes, speed, amount of storage space, amount of memory available, processors used, location, security and if it is replicated around the world. Generally the cost will be annual but can be monthly or vary if you need additional increases during busy periods.

HTTPS, Certificates & SSL – Some website hosting will include a free SSL certificate for secure website hosting with their annual charge however some certificates which have a money backed guarantee will charge depending upon its value and if it covers multiple domain names. The certificate is used to encrypt the traffic and is verified by the provider.

Web Design – this is a cost for the design of the website itself – this may include the template, the website code (backend), the graphics and the words too if a copy writer has been used for the content. This can be one off cost or an ongoing cost depending how many updates you require.

Even with a fairly static website, as the Internet develop daily, ensuring the site is updated at regular intervals may require some additional coding or page changes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – This is a skill which is used to ensure the site is registered and optimised and so it can be found by Google, Bing or similar search engine providers. As the search engines can change their search parameters this is constantly changing so may be a monthly charge or hourly charge per update.

Website Copy – the words used on a site can make a huge difference if the site is found by a client or if they will stay on the site and read what you have to say. Not everyone can write good website words so a copy writer can be used to create the content which is readable by your target customer. This cost may be per piece of work or per word! A well written article may be search engine friendly but more importantly will ensure the client buys your product or service.

Email – Along with Web Services it is quite common for Email hosting to be included as part of a hosting package. Depending upon the use and additional functions you may require, the email provided maybe suitable. As a Microsoft Silver Partner we supply Microsoft 365 Exchange email as well as Email Spam Filtering and Archiving services. These are usually a monthly or annual cost depending upon your requirements.

If you would like to discuss any of the Website services and the costs involved with a a website, then please contact our team on 0333 332 6600.