small business work from home

What do you need to work from home?

To work from home or away from your office will depend upon what products/services the business sells and the size of business and of course the role of the person working from home.  

What equipment do you need?

This will greatly depend upon the what you need to do, however in general you would need the following:

  • An internet connection & router
  • Desktop/Laptop PC (or Apple device)
  • Printer/scanner
  • Telephone/Mobile
  • Suitable desk & chair
  • Optional Webcam, microphone, headphones or speakers

Most of us will have personal computer equipment but often a business will supply equipment to work away from the office for business use.  Ensuring your home workplace is suitable is also the responsibility of the employer.  Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that all staff should be trained, and a risk assessment completed.

What do you need to access?

Access to files

Many of our clients already utilised the ability to work remotely and access their files using one of the following methods:

  • Network Share via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • File sharing application (OneDrive, Dropbox)

These work well for most users when the files are small or only one user needs access at a time. 

Sharing files and allowing users to edit files at the same time can also be achieved using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Google Docs. 

Access to Accounts / CRM

If you need to access a centralised database/CRM or accounts package such as Sage Line 50, then being able connect using a stable and fast enough connection with enough download/upload speed at either end is when you need to consider a remote connection using Remote Desktop or Desktop sharing applications such as TeamViewer or LogMeIn.

Access to your work colleagues

Working in the office often allows you to more than just your files and systems.  Accessing a single member of staff via telephone or email is vital but a lot of communication is not heard or written.  Video conferencing has been around for some time and Microsoft Teams allows users to see, hear and collaborate in multiple ways using its application.  Teams application won’t replace all the office banter or impromptus discussions at the kettle but in the socially distance workplace it can help keep colleagues in touch.

To find out more about working with files in Teams

Our team have been working remotely for over 10 years. So for any advice and support you need call 0333 332 6600 and speak to one of our IT Consultants.