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Working from home again? Try Teams

As the pandemic continues to interrupt our lives again, we expect that lock down restrictions will be raised and lowered at the government sees fit.  As businesses need to keep running, you can continue to operate with some staff working remotely and others in the office where possible. 

Communication between team members and clients will continue and most of us will use online meeting solutions such as Teams or Zoom.

Although there is some debate between which product is better, the two products can provide video conferencing, but Teams has many functions that most users do not use or are not aware of.

Microsoft have been adding some new features to Team which can help.

Together mode

This changes the display to show everyone in the meeting if they are in an auditorium, this helps to make you feel like you are in the same room.

Break out rooms

This has been a feature has been available to education for some time. Multiple rooms are added within the main Teams meeting and allows members to have smaller discussion groups within the main meeting.  This helps attendees to ensure they are heard during a meeting and bring more ideas to the group.

File Sharing

Teams connects to SharePoint services provided by Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. Users can access the documents they need, wherever they are.  

Team members can co-author files in real time.  This is useful when multiple users need to access an excel document which has a stock list or working on a new document portfolio for clients.  Each person accessing the file can see the other users cell location in excel or line in word. 

Notes can be added to Conversations relating to the documents easily and can be seen in the Posts section. If another team member has an idea then it can be read by the team members.  Previously users would email the document around, creating multiple versions and losing track.  Within teams the latest version is maintained.

Team Apps

3rd party companies have increased the number of apps which can be added as a tab within Teams.  Including Adobe Sign, Salesforce CRM and even Cisco WebEx Meeting. 

December 2020 updates

Microsoft changed the initial look when you join a Teams Meeting. This gives you options to choose your audio and video settings before you join the meeting.

Microsoft added additional settings to reduce background noise (Settings > Devices > Noise Suppression).

This improves your meeting being affected by background noise; such as music or other machinery or people in your office or home.

Microsoft added a Pin option which allows you to “stick a pin in it”. Handy if you need quick access later for key discussions or documents.  Note: This pins for everyone in the Channel.

We think that these features will help improve working from home; for our clients and help them collaborate effectively with their staff, suppliers and customers.

If you would like help getting started with Teams/Zoom or need advice on hardware.  Contact our qualified staff on 0333 332 6600 and they can discuss the best solution.