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Working from Home Cyber Security

Many businesses have found over the last few months that their staff can work from home and can still be productive.  Cyber attacks can affect every business and now that users are working from more remote locations, we are seeing a higher number of targeted phishing emails which may fool some staff.

Typically, most businesses will have a person or IT company who takes responsibility over the office IT systems, ensuring updates are applied and that the backup has been taken.    Generally, this will protect your office systems but for a small business they may not cover your home environment.

If the equipment has not been supplied by the business, then here are a few tips for safer working:

Use Antivirus Software

Your personal devices should be scanned as they may contain personal emails as well as the occasional businesses.  Antivirus software can prevent malware from compromising your workplace and business systems. Make sure updates are enabled.

Check for updates

Most successful attacks are due to a system not having an update installed and they take advantage and exploit the weakness.   Enable Automatic updates on your Windows PCs/Macs.

Securing your network

The router supplied by your ISP may still have default settings, if the WIFI does not need a password to access then it will need to be checked encryption enabled.  When you access the router also check if the password is the default, this should be changed to protect your routers settings

Check your router has the latest firmware.  Most ISP’s will not update the firmware on the router automatically.  Check the supplier website to ensure you are up to date.

Secure VPN

If you are using a device supplied by your office and you need to connect to an office server or system, it is always worth ensuring that your have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) enabled.  This creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your device and the office network.  If you are connecting via a public WIFI such as a hotel or coffee shop, then always ensure you have a VPN enabled to protect your data.

Beware of Scams

As we mentioned in the introduction, there has been a high number of phishing email scams related to covid-19 and suspicious links for resetting your bank or PayPal accounts recently. Most of these systems will have 2FA (two factor authentication) which can be enabled to ensure your accounts can only be accessed by you.   We have also seen scams on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.   Be careful not to share too much personal information and be careful of what you click on.

If you would like to know more or need assistance with setting up a secure connection to your business for your staff please contact